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There’s just one house that’s right for you. We offer many paths to help you find it. Here is a brief explanation of each search option. Begin your search by selecting one of the tabs at the top of the search.

Map Search Overview

  • Our state-of-the-art map search is based on Microsoft Bing Maps and incorporates three ways to view the results: Map View, List View and Gallery View.
  • Begin your map search by adding criteria in the Search Criteria section.
  • Zoom in or out on the map to adjust the map to your desired location.
  • As you adjust the map or criteria the results will automatically be recalculated.
  • The pushpins will display when less than 200 properties are found.

Using the Map

Use the control buttons on the screen to move around or navigate manually.
Use the directional arrows: Click anywhere on the directional circle to move in that direction. Alternatively you can simply click on the map and move your mouse. The map will follow your mouse.
Zoom in by clicking the magnifying glass with the plus inside. Another way to zoom in is the “rubber band” method. Hold the ALT key down on your keyboard, then click and drag your mouse on the map to form a square or rectangle. When you let go of the mouse, the map will automatically zoom in to the level that you have drawn. Hint: smaller rubber bands or squares will zoom in more so than larger rubber bands.
Zoom out by clicking the magnifying glass with the dash inside.
Choose Road (standard map), Aerial (satellite photo), or Bird's eye (detailed photo) view. Bird’s eye view is available in select areas. To rotate the map in Bird's eye view, click the rotate clockwise arrow or the rotate counter-clockwise arrow to rotate the map in that direction.

Points of Interest

When the map is zoomed in to a very detailed view, Points of Interest will become available. Click on the Points of Interest icon below the map and then select the items that are of interest to you.

Finding Your Home

Finding the perfect home is just a few clicks away. You’ll probably want to view several homes before choosing the right one. Feel free to save properties as you go along with your search. This will help you store, organize and share your listings with your agent and others.


Use the Location field to enter a complete address, or just a city, school, neighborhood or zip code.

Search Summary

As you go along, you’ll notice that your property search criteria shows up in the Search Summary section. This will help you know what items to adjust to get exactly the results you’re looking for.

More Search Options

Still not finding exactly what you’re looking for? Click More Search Options to get even more specific.

Driving Directions

After you’ve found several properties that you’d like to preview it is easy to create a driving tour map of these properties. Start by clicking on the Add to Directions link in the listing overlay on the map. Next, click on the Driving Directions below the criteria. Add a starting location, adjust the position of the properties and click Get Directions.

Start Over

To clear the entire form and start over, click Clear Criteria in the bottom portion of the page near the Search button.

Get Organized

Click Save Search to retain your criteria for future use. You can save as many searches as you like to hone in on specific areas or varying price ranges with different criteria.

Let Us Work For You

If your dream home must have a certain set of features, and it doesn’t appear in your search result just save that search and choose to get Email Alerts. You’ll be notified via Email when new homes match your criteria.

Additional Search Types

Area Search takes you through a series of dropdown location selections. After you make your area selections, choose your desired features and click the Search button to perform your search.

School District Search allows you to search for active listings in a particular school area or district. Not every county, city and neighborhood has a corresponding school district with the same name. For instance, the Oakville school district may incorporate the cities of Oaktown and Oakville.

Subdivision Search allows you to search particular subdivisions for listing that match your search criteria. Note: The subdivision field includes only the names of the subdivisions that have listings.

Radius Search allows you to find properties within a given distance of your selected starting point. After selecting a starting point, select the radius distance and the property criteria. The search returns all properties that meet the search criteria, within the selected radius.